Sunday, September 2, 2018

How to use NordVPN for free?


NordVPN is the best paid and If you want to use NordVPN you have to pay for this. But here I told you best trick so Using this trick you can use NordVPN free of cost doesn't need any pay for this. This trick I have given below and Below I tried to learn to you step by step.

Step 1 :

First, go to any temporary mail service provider website and create temporary mail. Now below I suggest temporary mail service provider websites if you want to use other mail services you can do and create temporary mail for you.

2. TempMail

Step 2 :

Click here and go to this URL. you can see the mailbox in this URL and paste you temporary mail in this mailbox and click on Free Trial button.

free nordvpn

Step 3 : 

After clicking on the Free Trial button Go to that website where your temporary mail has been created and you will get mail to activate an account from NordVPN. Below I have given the photo as an example through which you can easily understand.

free nordvpn

Step 4 :

Click on get mail and after opening this mail you can see Activate Account link. See the photo below for a good understanding.

free nordvpn

Step 5 :

After clicking on the link of Activate Account,  you will be reached on the password creation URL of the NordVPN account.

free nordvpn

You follow up on step 1 to 5 surely you can use NordVPN for three days. After finish this three days trial you want to use NordVPN so follow these steps once again and enjoy NordVPN.


I didn't need to do this with PureVPN. PureVPN offers 2GB free bandwidth over their mobile app we just need to signup.

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