Wednesday, September 12, 2018

How to get any website source code using Kali Linux?

Hi guys, I back again with a best useful trick. That trick is to get the source code of any website. If you want to get any Web Page source code so you can simply get it but If you want to any Website source code so you can easily get it. But don't worry Now here I show you the best method to get any website source code.

What will be needed to do this work?

  • Kali Linux Operating System(OS)

How will do this work?

  • First, start Kali Linux and then create a new folder on the desktop. for example, here I am creating clonewebsite name new folder on Desktop you can see on below photo.

clone website img0

  • Open terminal and type CD Desktop command and press Enter.

  • Type command CD clonewebsite(Write here you created folder name) and press Enter.

clone website img2

  • Type command wget -mk the URL of the website whose source code you want) and press Enter. you can see an example on below photo.

clone website img3

  • After typing these three commands the process of getting the website source code will be started.

clone website img4

  • This process takes some time and it depends on your internet speed and website size.
  • After this process is completed automatically become the folder of the name the website that has been cloned. That folder saves in the folder that you created new. Just watch on below photo for better understanding.

clone website img5

  • In this folder, you will find all the source code of the website that was cloned.

clone website img6

If you follow this method you can easily get any website source code. This method is very simple easy. Just using three terminal commands you can clone any website Only need Kali Linux.