Monday, September 3, 2018

Best websites - Top 5 best websites of 2018

Top 5 best websites

Hey guys, Now here I am talking about top 5 best websites. Many people have not heard of these websites. These best websites can help you in different ways.

These websites offer you all the services for free, for which you do not have to pay any money. Let's see how these websites are useful to us.

1. GTmetrix

Best websites - Top 5 best websites of 2018

GTmetrix website is used to analyze the speed of any websites. GTmetrix gives you insight into how well your site loads and provides actionable recommendations on how to optimize it.

GTmetrix also gives information about how many web pages have been analyzed on GTmetrix so far. GTmetrix many other additional features give.

You have a personal website or a blog or any of your own website and if you want to check the speed of that website for free, you can use GTmetrix. GTmetrix is such best for Website Speed Analyze.

2. Cymath

Best websites - Top 5 best websites of 2018

I know maths is a difficult subject. Many people feel maths difficult and those peoples feel problems in maths solutions. So Cymath is the best website for those peoples.

A lot of maths topics has been given in Cymath like Differentiate, Expand, Factor, Graph, Integrate many more.

If you want to solve any maths sums Cymath will helpful to do that. Cymath is the best website for maths problems solutions.

3. PDFDrive

Best websites - Top 5 best websites of 2018

PDFDrive is very useful for website book lovers. This website gives you a lot of free books which you can download as a PDF and read it.

A lot of categories are given in PDFDrive like a Business, Lifestyle, Science & Research many more. You can do download any type of category books you to like.

Many most popular books you can easily get free on this website but if you go to buy these books you have to pay much money. PDFDrive is a better website for book lovers.

4. APK Downloader

Best websites - Top 5 best websites of 2018

Sometimes you want to download APK file in PC or Laptop but you don't know how APK file download in PC or Laptop easily so now here I am telling you one website.

You can use the APK Downloader website to easily download APK file in your PC or Laptop. Just follow below two steps and you can get APK file.

Step 1: Open APK downloader website and Paste the URL as the shown photo below and then click the Generate Download Link button.

Best websites - Top 5 best websites of 2018

Step 2: Click on the download button and download the APK file.

Best websites - Top 5 best websites of 2018

You have to follow these two steps so you can easily get APK file in your PC or Laptop.

5. Freetutorials

Best websites - Top 5 best websites of 2018

Many courses are available on the Udemy website. You want to learn any course on Udemy website but you have to pay money for buy this course.

Don't worry now here I am suggesting one website. Freetutorials website is very useful for learning new skills for free.

Udemy mostly courses get on Free tutorials website. You want to learn any course go to Free tutorials website Search your course and download it.